Karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning “compassion.” Compassion towards other human beings, animals, plants, the planet Earth, as well as one's own self. Karuna Productions was founded to bear witness to and promote the dignity of life, spirituality, faith and timeless moral values. It is based in New York City, USA. It produces films and documentaries for international audiences and serves spiritual filmmakers from all over the world. 

Karuna Productions is focused on developing, writing and producing documentaries, short and feature films that are connected to spirituality, inspire loving-kindness and compassion, or connect us with our inner selves as well as the world around us. It also offers services for spirituality- and community- conscious filmmakers from all over the world seeking to write, produce and distribute documentaries, short or feature films related to the following topics:

Human rights
Charity work
Inspiring stories​

Environmental issues
Animal rights

Art and spirituality  
Science and Spirituality
Education and spirituality


“No man is an island, 
entire of itself. Each is a piece of the continent,
 a part of the main.
 Each man's death diminishes me,
 for I am involved in mankind.
 Therefore, send not to know 
for whom the bell tolls,
 it tolls for you.” 

–John Donne

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