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Six young people in rural India set out on a journey to find out who is poisoning their sacred river Yamuna, causing people and animals to fall sick and die en masse in their village and surrounding areas. By the time they arrive at the foothills of the Himalayas, a shocking reality unfolds in front of them: their river has been “stolen” and replaced by an open flow of sewage, causing a major ecological disaster affecting tens of millions - to which, unknowingly, the whole world contributes. Can they save the river, people’s lives and their holy land, the very heart of the ancient Indian culture?

Directed by Krisztina Danka, Ph.D.

Running time: 40 min.

Available languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Hungarian

Release year: 2017

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York City is full of eccentric characters, but nobody is like the Wildman. Who else can claim to have made international headlines by getting arrested for eating a dandelion in Central Park? Leading foraging tours and helping people embrace what nature has to offer in the most unexpected places, for decades, Wildman, now 68, a divorced father, is eager to ignite his passion for environmentalism in the younger generation. But can he inspire his own teenaged daughter?

Directed by Krisztina Danka, Ph.D.

Running time: 18 min.

Available languages: English

Release year: 2019


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Insects, birds and mammals carry out most of their behavior in a predetermined, instinctive way. But where do their mysterious, complicated behavioral patterns come from? Nature's I.Q.: Extraordinary Animal Behavior, a book by two young scholars, Istvan Tasi and Balazs Hornyanszky, published by Torchlight, received the prestigious award for Best Scientific Book in 2009 from USA Book News. Presenting dozens of behavioral examples, and adapting the book`s basic idea to the screen with compelling visuals and footage of animals in the wild, Nature`s I.Q. the documentary intends to entice the audience to question what they thought, and were taught, to be unshakeable truth. Meet the deceptive hunters, the cunning bluffers, the unlikely partners, the champions of timing, and the remarkable wanderers of the sky, and be prepared to witness that nature can be more unfathomable than
contemporary science allows for.

Directed by Krisztina Danka, Ph.D.

Running time: 58 min.

Available languages: English, Hungarian

Release year (theatrical, television, digital): 2012


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