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Ask A Filmmaker / Story Analyst


One-one-one Couching

Do you want your project, product, brand, mission, or message understood? Do you need help with your documentary, or  video?

Do you have a great idea for a feature or a documentary film and not sure where to start? Are you staring at a blank white page and need some script writing advice?

Are you sorting through hundreds of hours of footage and struggling to find the story line? Do you have a rough cut and just need someone to look at it and help you sort through what's working and what isn't?


Wherever you are in the documentary filmmaking or video creating process, sometimes just talking it through with someone who's gone through the process can help break the ice and clarify what direction you should take.


Would you like to have an experienced filmmaker take a look at your project and provide some personalized guidance?

Would you like a Hollywood script advisor to read and give feedback on your screenplay, or TV-pilot?

Dr. Krisztina Danka award-winning filmmaker and Visual Arts instructor is happy to help with your video or documentary project.

Mark DeGasperi Hollywood scrip analyst and New York University screenwriting professor is here for you to take your screenplay or TV-pilot script to the next level. 


STEP 1 - Choose one of the consulting options below and click the 'read more' button for more information.

STEP 2 - Click on the 'buy' button to pre-pay for your consulting. You'll immediately receive access to our personal email and you can book your call whenever you're ready.

STEP 3 - Hop on the call at the appointed time and get all your questions answered!

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